"...we have saved thousands of dollars from month to month. The transformation that took place in the lighting in those areas was just amazing and that was a big difference  for us in choosing Hercules LED to do this work. "

   Tom Grantonic

Davis Center YMCA

"...if they say it's too good to be true, it usually is. Hercules LED has turned this statement into a reality. Hercules LED has saved me more money and is the best investment I've made since opening my restaurant. 

Michael Alberini

Alberini's Restaurant

We installed all new LED lighting in May 2015.  Prior to installation, we were told by our representative that our estimated savings on our electric bill per month.  HE WAS SPOT ON! 

Very pleased with product.  Even more pleased with savings on utility bill.  Installation went fine with minimal disruption.

Polly Jones

Stewart Furniture

Hercules LED has provided the Library with the best and most cost-effective option for the lighting upgrade. Within one year, the Library has saved $10,986 on energy costs alone. With repeated bulb and ballast replacements no longer necessary and a sizeable reduction in cooling costs, the savings in materials, labor and HVAC costs each year equates to nearly $5000."

"All told, lifetime savings is projected to be well over $330,000 with a return on investment covering the initial cost of the project in less than 4 years!"

Lorena WIlliams 

Hubbard Public LIbrary

Hercules LED