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Tom Grantonic

Davis Center YMCA

"...we have saved thousands of dollars from month to month. The transformation that took place in the lighting in those areas was just amazing and that was a big difference for us in choosing Hercules LED to do this work. "


Michael Alberini

Alberini's Restaurant

"...if they say it's too good to be true, it usually is. Hercules LED has turned this statement into a reality. Hercules LED has saved me more money and is the best investment I've made since opening my restaurant. 


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"We just completed our 1400 led bulb conversion with Hercules and WOW! They were absolutely awesome, fulfilling every thing promised throughout the project!...
I would highly recommend Hercules above the 100’s of other companies out there."

Randy Dew

5411 Market St, Youngstown, OH 44512, USA

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